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Is Motor Oil Indispensable For Engines? But Why?

Motor oil is basically a form of lubricant used for minimizing friction and maintaining the smooth movement of any moving parts in the internal combustion system, like those seen in motorcycle, car and truck engines. Since most engines have rapid moving parts that come in contact with each other when the vehicle is in use, friction buildup is inevitable which can cause detrimental engine damage (by friction welding). To prevent this, the use of oil is very important to lessen the friction produced as the moving engine parts constantly rub and grind with each other. It also acts as a coolant carrying away heat from the internals of the engine.
The oil pressure will be higher when a cold engine is first started up as the oil will be thicker at the outset and then will gradually thin out as the engine warms up causing the pressure to slowly drop. (The oil gauge on the dashboard is often mistaken as a measure of the oil volume whereas it measures the oil pressure and is therefore correctly know as the oil pressure gauge.)
But aside from lubrication, engine oils can also perform other functions. This includes the prevention of rust formation and the reduction of generated heat in the engine. That being said, it is advisable that all auto drivers carry out a regular oil change in order to ensure good engine performance. A modern engine in good condition should use less than half a quart of engine oil in 3,000 miles although a high-mileage engine will use considerably more. If you are using way more than this and you see any blue smoke from your exhaust, you are burning oil and there may be a problem with your engine, most probably the seals around the pistons are deteriorating and oil is seeping into the combustion chamber, hence the smoke.
There are no guaranteed solutions to prevent excessive oil consumption; however some additives can slow down oil burning. There are also specially designed high-mileage motor oils that are formulated with extra additives to slow oil consumption. Using somewhat higher viscosity motor oil could also help to reduce your engine oil consumption.


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