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how to install the hollow cup deceleration motor?

Hollow cup motor is a hollow cup motor is a permanent magnet, servo micro motor, and the main difference between the ordinary motor is no core rotor, also known as hollow cup rotor. Hollow cup motor is a servo motor class, the designer is mainly focused on its response time. Because the hollow, so the inertia is particularly small, that white is that it can stop it immediately to stop; let it turn it can immediately turn. So how do we install such a sophisticated motor it?

1. Motor rated voltage at its nominal work under the overall performance is excellent, it is recommended that the design of mobile phone circuit voltage as close to the rated voltage design.

2. The power supply to the motor control module should consider its output impedance as small as possible to prevent the load when the output voltage dropped significantly, affecting the vibration sense.

3. Check or test the stall current of the column motor, the stall time should not be too long (less than 5 seconds is appropriate), because the stall when all the input power into heat (P = I2R), may lead to a long time Coil temperature is high and deformation, affecting performance.

4. Motor with mounting bracket When designing the positioning slot, the gap with the shell can not be too big, otherwise it may produce additional vibration (mechanical noise), the use of rubber sleeve can effectively avoid mechanical noise, but should pay attention to the chassis Positioning groove and rubber sleeve should be used with interference, otherwise it will affect the motor vibration output, vibration down.

5. Transfer or use close to the strong magnetic area to avoid, it may make the motor magnet table distortion and affect the performance of magnetic.

6. Welding attention to the welding temperature and welding time, recommended 320 ℃, 1-2 seconds, too long and the temperature is too high may damage the wire insulation.

7. Remove the motor from the box or soldering process to avoid pulling the lead in force, also does not allow multiple large-angle bending lead, otherwise it may damage the lead.


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