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Timely processing of motor failure to extend the life time

Motor products in use when the vibration of the situation must be promptly dealt with, so as to better enable the motor after the product put into use, which will not make the motor to shorten the use of time, the following Xiaobian to tell the user about the relevant know how.

Motor vibration when running too large, there may be the cause of this failure because of electromagnetic and mechanical reasons for the motor caused by two very abnormal vibration problems.

The motor power supply voltage asymmetry, winding short-circuit and multiple branches in the individual branch circuit break, or the stator core is not tight.

These electromagnetic aspects can cause vibrations when the motor is running. Motor shaft bending, shaft diameter oval or shaft and shaft attached to the rotation of the mechanical imbalance, these mechanical reasons can also cause the motor to run when the vibration occurs.

Therefore, when the motor vibration is too large, you can first check the impact of the transmission components on the motor, and then disconnect the motor so that the coupling to check.

If the motor does not vibrate when the motor is idling, it may be due to the motor and the shaft center of the machinery can not be found, or the vibration between the motor and the machinery caused by the motor vibration.

After determining the cause of the motor vibration, the user can recheck with the mechanical maintenance personnel to deal with the defects in the mechanical aspects of the motor.


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