Technological Innovation

Don't exempt Tesla from motor

As automobile dealers in San Antonio, we compete for business every day. We have to be competitive in our pricing, we have to offer good service, we have to be available for repairs or recalls, and we have to continue to earn trust to stay in business.
There are automobile dealers across Texas in 300 communities doing the same thing we do every day. These dealers are often the major employers in the area and the major benefactors for the local hospital, schools and little leagues. And collectively, we are a powerful economic engine, pumping billions through the economic system of our great state.
Like most Texans, we understand the excitement and allure of bringing any new manufacturing plant and the many jobs associated with it to Texas. We believe the dynamics of the state's business climate sells itself with this regard.
But, we caution against jumping to the conclusion that supporting these new innovative cars requires being opposed to a system built to protect consumers. The motor vehicle franchise laws in place do not in any way hinder innovation; instead they foster competition that benefits consumers.


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