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General Motors owners still waiting for recall repairs

The automaker said Monday it is still in the process of notifying customers as to when they can get their cars repaired.General Motors had indicated that work on the recalled vehicles would begin on Monday. The company's instructions to vehicle owners say that "beginning April 7, parts will become available" for some of the six affected vehicle models.
But it wasn't clear on Monday afternoon whether any dealers are in a position to perform these repairs.
GM spokesman Alan Adler said Monday he didn't know how many replacement parts had been shipped to dealerships, or when the majority of parts would be available.
Six dealers in different parts of the country contacted by CNNMoney on Monday all said that they don't yet have the new part.
The automaker has said customers should make appointments at dealerships, and that more replacement parts for the massive recall would be available "as time goes on." Adler said GM expects to complete all repairs by October.
The ignition switch recall applies to a total of 2.6 million vehicles.
The faulty ignition switches can be knocked -- say, by a knee or the bump from a pothole -- and turned off while the vehicle is on the road. That disables the power steering, power braking and the airbags. General Motors (GM, Fortune 500), which announced the recall two months ago, said it learned of problems with the ignition switch as early as 2004. Thirteen deaths have been tied to the issue.
Federal investigators, Congress and attorneys representing GM owners are asking why the company didn't issue a recall years ago. GM CEO Mary Barra apologized and told congressional panels she didn't know why there was a delay. But lawmakers appeared skeptical, and a federal regulator said GM did not provide pertinent information.


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